Yona Diamond Dansky, Owner

My Story:

After raising a family and retiring from a fulfilling career as an educator, I finally had time to follow through on ideas and passions that were often pushed aside.

The Lens Cloth Gallery story:

After decades of wearing contact lenses, I recently became a glasses-wearer. Because glasses are expensive, I'm careful not to scratch the lenses when cleaning them. One day I misplaced the giveaway cloth from the optician. Tissues are not good and using a t-shirt stretches your clothes. I really needed a cloth in my kitchen drawer, in my car, in my pocket. Multiple lens cloths were not readily available in stores, and when I did find one, for free or for purchase, they were quite unattractive.

I wanted attractive cloths. If I needed multiple, attractive and affordable lens cloths, others did, too.

So I decided to make beautiful ones using my own photographs, package them in multiples of three, and sell them for personal use or as a gift item. I enjoy sharing my beautiful nature scenes and details of my own quilting imprinted on such a useful and needed item.